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Our Story

What is Juvenile Offender Advocate Inc. (JOA)?

Juvenile Offender Advocate Inc. (JOA) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to advocating in the best interest of  juvenile offenders. Our main purpose is to reduce the recidivism rate and poverty level in the Athens-Clarke County community by holding all parties accountable while fostering positive relationships through community collaboration. The Juvenile Offender Advocate (JOA) is an Officer of the Court. JOAs are appointed by the Athens-Clarke County Juvenile Court and State Court to serve as  independent volunteers who advocate for juvenile and state offenders involved in court proceedings. The JOA will advocate for juvenile offenders age 11-17 (and some State Court offenders up to age 24) best interest, with all involved agencies. Upon completion of the court process, each JOA will continue case management by setting short and long term goals for juvenile offenders, assist with soft skills training, job readiness training, anger management, and job placement through community collaboration. 

Our Mission

To advocate for juvenile offenders and lower the recidivism rate by holding all parties accountable while fostering positive relationships through community collaboration.

Our Vision

Rebuild the community while enhancing the quality of life for Juvenile Offenders.

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