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Our Story

 How did we get here?

Juvenile Offender Advocate was founded in 2020 by Julita Sanders. Julita was a troubled teen carrying trauma from an early age that continued to increase as an adolescent into a young adult. "As a teenager I was walking around angry and feeling alone. I was known as the "Black Sheep" of the family. By age 16, I had been molested, pregnant twice, mentally abused and attempted suicide twice. The only way I knew how to deal with my trauma was to drink alcohol. Eventually, I began to hang out with the wrong crowd skipping school and fighting. I recall, Mr. D my high school principal calling me to his office on a daily asking me to give him my weapons. Somehow, he knew that I carried weapons and he made sure he took them away from me. One day before my bus made it to school I got into a fight. During that fight I pulled out a knife. I remember is the school bus driver asking me to put the weapon down. That was a traumatic event for me as well as the other students on that bus. The police were called, I got arrested, attended a school board hearing and was kicked out of regular school. I was sent to alternative school for three months. The one thing I had going for me were my grades. I was a pretty good student. That being said, my high school principal, the assistant principal, my bus driver and a few of my teachers were all in attendance. They advocated for me to return to school. If I did not have them advocating for me, I would not be where I am today! I sincerely thank you all! I know what it feels like to be judged, and treated like you are not a good person because of how you choose to deal with unwanted trauma. 

Our Vision

Rebuild the community while enhancing the quality of life for Juvenile Offenders.

University Student

We Need Your Support


Our Mission

To advocate for juvenile offenders and lower the recidivism rate by holding all parties accountable while fostering positive relationships through community collaboration.

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